Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light Four Five

HSL-45 "Wolfpack"

The primary mission of HSL-45 is to provide fully mission-capable detachments aboard cruisers, destroyers, and frigates assigned to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. These detachments are an integral part of the ship's weapon system, extending the ship's undersea and anti-ship warfare capabilities beyond the horizon.

(Photos by Nancy Wingo)

A "Bravo" model SH-60 warms up on the tarmac at North Island. Hold on, it might be a "Foxtrot". Jeez, I can't tell -- is it a "Romeo"? OK, I'm absolutely certain it's not the "Sierra"
LT Chris Moton was our host. Here he tries out the left seat of a Wolfpack Seahawk
CDR Fry and LT Moton
The Wolfpack flies the "Bravo" model Seahawk, but is scheduled to transition to the
"Romeo" in 2011. Looks like the Wolfpack may have 110,000 accident-free hours *
It looks like a missile, but it's a
MAD (Magnetic Anomoly Detector
MK-46 dummy torpedo and a Hellfire
AGM-114 captive air training missile
Wolfpack safety bulletin board
Welcome to the Wolfpack
Note to photographer: Don't use the
flash in a room full of reflective helmets.
Survival vests are stored in the paraloft.
(I wonder where they store the parachutes)
* HSL-45 celebrated 110,000 mishap free flight hours and 17 years since having a class alpha mishap during a ceremony held in their hangar on board Naval base Coronado April 24, 2007. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Shannon K. Cassidy)

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