Squadron Visits


A group of squadron members visited
the Black Knights on July 21, 2010

CNAF Change of Command

On July 1, 2010 VADM Allen Myers relieve VADM Thomas Kilcline as Commander, Naval Air Forces aboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)

USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

Members of the San Diego, Desert Storm, and Grandpa Pettibone squadrons showed up to tour the Nimitz on June 22, 2010


Nancy and I motored out to Yuma on May 18th
to visit the Flying Nightmares.


Quite a number of folks visited the Osprey Hangar
after lunch in the O'Club on April 21, 2010


Nancy and I visited The Scorpions on January 29, 2010 as Shayne Meder prepared to paint their color bird

The Battle Cats saved a helicopter landing spot for us when we stopped by on December 8, 2009.

We visited the Red Dragons at Camp Pendleton on December 4, 2009. Who knew they were expecting me to speak?


Enroute to VADM Kilcline's Speed Week party on September 25, 2009 John & Nancy stopped by to visit the "Golden Falcons", then snapped photos of the USS Makin Island, moored at North Island prior to its commissioning


ANA visited the newest squadron in the
Marine Corps on August 17, 2009


Nancy and I visited the Seahawks on July 7, 2009


The Knightriders hosted us on June 6, 2009
(why does that date sound familiar?)


We visit the "Wild Cards" on Saint Patricks Day 2009

Blue Angels

Nancy and I motored east to NAF El Centro on
February 20 to visit the Navy Flight Demonstraton Team


On January 20, 2009 John and Nancy stopped by to say
hi to the Sea Elk. They'll be deploying soon.


Nancy and I visited the Marine Corps' largest helicopter
squadron on a very windy December 23, 2008

Coast Guard Sector San Diego

Two members of CNAF Operations Staff joined us for our second visit to the Coast Guard Air Station
on November 18th


A group of happy squadronmates visited the
Red Devils before lunch on October 15th


LCDR Anna Boyd hosted John
and Nancy on September 19th


ANA stopped by to say hi to
"The Vipers" on August 4, 2008.


Nancy and John visited "The Wolfpack"
at North Island on May 20, 2008


A nice crowd assembled before the April 16th
luncheon to get a tour of the "Warhorse"


On Tuesday, March 18, John and Nancy motored north to Camp Pendleton to visit HMLA-367. You gotta love a squadron named after a crazed gangster. Click on the above link to see the pictures Nancy took.

On Tuesday, March 4, John and Nancy stopped by the iconic Hangar 340 on North Island to visit "The Eightballers" of HSC-8 and check out their new MH-60S "Knight Hawk" helicopters.

Prior to the January 16th luncheon we visited the Death Rattlers in Hangar 2. Some of us were actually picked up at the O' Club an chauffered to the squadron by bus -- not the Death Rattler party bus.


On December 21st we traveled up to Camp Pendleton to say hello to the Gunfighters of Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369.

On November 20, 2007 we visited the Navy's newest helicopter squadron and checked out the Navy's newest helicopter --
the MH-60R

It was gray and drizzly when Nancy and John visited the "White Knights" on the Miramar flight line on October 17th before the quarterly luncheon. 1stLT Preston Stephens, later joined by 1stLT Matt Rogers, were our gracious hosts.


Their vehicles have propellers, they park on a flight line, and they use a wind sock. Sounds like an aviation squadron to me. Plus, I just wanted to see what goes on in that hangar across the freeway from Camp Pendleton. Joe Brecka, Sheryl and Snuffy Smith, Nancy Wingo and I visited the "Swift Intruders" on September 18th

Desert Storm Squadron members Peter Richardson and Steve Stewart, joined John and Nancy and the Bushongs in a visit to the VMFA(AW)-225 on August 15, 2007. The squadron left for Iraq shortly thereafter.


Following lunch at the Coronado Brewing Company on July 18, 2007, John and Nancy, Jack and John Bushong, and Dick Martin headed for the North Island flight--line where we got the run-down on VRC-30 from LT Ryan King.

MCAS Camp Pendleton

LCOL Joe Ruthenberg chauffered his neighbor Roy Ford, WWII PBY pilot John Geddes, John Fry and Nancy Wingo into the wilds of Camp Pendleton. Joe was stationed here and knows his way around

1stLT Nick Molder and Capt Chad hunt were our hosts at HMLA-267. Capt Erin Benjamin was gracious enough to stop for photos.

After learning all about the AH-1W and UH-1N we motored down the flight line to visit HMH-364 where Capt Jeff McCarthy gave us a tour of the CH-46E "Phrog". Joe Ruthenberg has time in all three of the helicopters, but seemed to especially enjoy swapping stories with Capt McCarthy.

Ken Baldry, John Fry, Jack Koshear, Robert Mijatovich and Nancy Wingo took a pre-luncheon tour of one of the Flying Tigers' Sikorsky CH-53E "Super Stallions"

A lively group lunched at Coronado Brewing Company then got the Cook's Tour of the Conquistadores' snazzy new digs

Coast Guard Sector San Diego

A hardy cadre of ANA members and guests
brave temperatures in the 60s


John Fry, Dwight Cardwell and Kari Watchorn
check out the Raiders' KC-130J

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