Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight Five

HSC-85 "High Rollers"

A Navy Reserve squadron, HSC-85 flies the Sikorsky MH-60S Knight Hawk. Its mission is the launch and recovery of targets and torpedoes on the Southern California Offshore Range (SCORE).

(Photos by Nancy Wingo)

The first order of business when visiting a North Island squadron is a stop at the Pass and ID Office for a temporary vehicle pass. Our hostess LCDR Anna Boyd is attempting to explain the purpose of our visit.
Those aren't flowers
-- they're ball point pens
LCDR Boyd welcomes us to
High Roller country
AW1 Timothy Egner, John Fry
and our hostess
A couple of Knighthawks in the hangar for routine (I hope) maintainance
The Point Loma peninsula has been an iconic image
to nearly a century's worth of naval aviators
Two High Roller Knighthawks on the tarmac
I could tell you what this aircraft is
-- but then I'd have to kill you. (Actually
I haven't got a clue)

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