Marine Tilt-Rotor Squadron 161


"The First"

(Photos by Nancy Wingo)

Lunch at the Officers' Club
(Above) Over thirty ANA members and guests, including a contingent from the Grandpa Pettibone Squadron, enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Main Ballroom of the Miramar Officers' Club on April 21, 2010. (Below, left) Major Curt "HoopT" McGahhey talked about the V-22 Osprey (Below, right) Captains Mark Ku and John Fletcher accompanied Major McGahhey
Visiting the VMM-161 Hangar
(Above and below) The Osprey's massive propellors dwarf the squadron visitors
(Above) Captain John Fletcher answers questions inside and out. (Below) GySgt John Burns chats with Doug and Barbara Moore while Jerry Harris checks out the cockpit.
The aircraft on the tarmac have changed, but the skyline to the east of Miramar remains the same. A Boeing V-22 Osprey sits outside the VMM-161 hangar, with CH-53E Sea Stallions for company.

The Osprey Simulator Tour

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