Marine Fighter Attack
Squadron 323

VMFA-323 "The Death Rattlers"

(Photographs by Nancy Wingo)

Hoisting the banner in the Death Rattler hangar were MAJ Curt "Rudy" Knowles, Dwight Cardwell, two interlopers (possibly Tailhook Ready Roomers, Jack Bushong, John Bushong, Bob Carroll, Jim Carroll, Loren Page, Ken Baldry, John Fry, and CAPT Aaron "Muncher" Trent
CAPT Trent welcomes ANA members
to the history room
Bob and Jim Carroll check out the
recreation room
Looks like the Death Rattlers
have a well-appointed bar
MAJ Curt "Rudy" Knowles assisted
CAPT Trent in answering questions
Dr. John Bushong prepares
for a mission
CAPT Trent answers the
doctor's questions
Dwight Cardwell, John Bushong, Jack Bushong, and John Fry
hoist the ANA banner alongside the VMFA-323 party bus
A rare view inside the Death
Rattlers' party bus
I'm not sure if these were left by visitors
or pilfered from other ready rooms

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