Marine Fighter Attack
Squadron 225

VMFA(AW)-225 "The Vikings"

Squadron History

The F/A-18D

(Photographs by Nancy Wingo)

Prior to the August luncheon, squadron members Nancy Watson, John Fry, Jack and John Bushong visited VMFA(AW)-225 on the east end of the MCAS Miramar flight line. Coming along for the visit were Desert Storm members Peter Richardson and Steve Stewart. This view looks west from the Vikings' hangar. The red truck in the distance is not a fire truck -- it's the all-important Coca-Cola delivery wagon.
The Vikings drive the two-seat model
F/A-18D "Hornet"
Captains Matt Wieand and Steven Majeski
strike a casual pose
WIZZO Steve Majeski refutes pilot Matt
Wieand's claim that the pilot is the most
important person in the cockpit
John Bushong, Peter Richardson, Steve
Stewart and Jack Bushong hang
on Matt's every word
"What's up, Doc?" Vikings Flight Surgeon LT C. J. Hurt swaps stories with former
VF-24 Flight Surgeon
Dr. John Bushong
Plane #06 gets a freshly-painted number.
The pointy end
Ground crew members run a test on the
new Binford 5800 navigation system
Captain Wieand talks about the
non-pointy end of the Hornet
Steve Stewart, John Bushong, Jack Bushong, Matt Wieand, Steve
Majeski, Peter Richardson and John Fry hoist the ANA banner

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