Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of San Diego, date unknown

Here's another undated map from Willie Skinner. He was asking about Linda Vista junction, where the soldiers got off the train to be transported to Camp Kearny during World War I. It was no where near the current Linda Vista. It looks to be what we called La Jolla Junction in the 1950s. Interesting that there was a Hooters Street at Camp Kearny, where MCAS Miramar is today.

Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of San Diego, circa 1920
Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of San Diego, circa 1913

Resident cartographer Richard Cloward '60 thinks the map at the top might be closer to 1923. He shares a similar map above, which he thought might be around 1917. He noted that the bridge connecting South Mission Beach and Ocean Beach isn't shown on his map. That bridge was built in 1914, so I've adjusted his estimate to 1913. He also notes that San Diego High is still Russ High School and suggests that the red lines were made "by an agent showing folks that there were new routes and a bridge." He suspects they were using up old stock. Richard also sent along the "Strip Map" below, from the early 1930s -- a forerunner to the "Trip Tik". I spy "Pleasure Pier" at the foot of Garnet in Pacific Beach, which was Crystal Pier when it was first designed by Ernest Pickering around 1925.

(Above) Number 12 is part of a 3 strip series, Los Angeles to San Diego.  Time frame 1917-1923.  Later versions will be updated and the address for the Club will be “2601 Figueroa. #80 is fairly unique in that the title is used only in the 1917-1920 time frame. It continued to be published but the title changes to simply “Coast and Inland Route to San Diego’ On the 1926 edition I have, Camp Kearny  is nowhere to be found. Of interest, on the reverse of my card is an “Official garage” in Encinitas called “Midnite Garage”. Pretty ominous, eh? -- Richard Cloward ’60

Below is an image of the 1928 Jo Mora Whimsical map of San Diego done for George Marston and the 50th Anniversary of Marston's.  This is an iconic San Diego pictograph. The rights to it belong now to the SD Historical center which got Marston's Estate. There were 2000 original copies of this  map done.  For some years the Center sold a scaled down version as a souvenir.  An original with mailing envelope is in the $2,000-$2,400 range in good condition. For more on Mora and his work, visit the La Jolla Map Museum web site

Mission Cliff Gardens 1916

Alabama and El Cajon Blvd 1942

30th and University 1930

Braemar, Pacific Beach 1926

San Diego State 1968

5th & Market 1912

El Cajon Boulevard 1910

Hotel del Coronado 1935

Junipero Serra Museum Dedication 1929

Demolition of the Chollas Towers 1995

San Diego State, 1935

Three Views of Crown Point

Snow in San Diego, February 27, 2011

Two Views from Point Loma, 1932 and 2010

San Diego, 1876

Panorama Drive, 1947

Pacific Beach Chevron, 1946-2020

Crawford High School 1957-1961

Oscar's Drive-In, Pacific Beach circa 1955

Horton Plaza 1886

El Cajon 1895

Encanto circa 1955

47th & Federal, 1946

Del Mar Train Station, 1910

San Diego Mothball Fleet, 1950

Pacific Beach: 1925

Crystal Pier: 1946

Santa Fe Train Station: 1920

San Diego Streetcars: 1950


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