Emma Jessop Scripps, the wife of Frederick Tudor Scripps, poses for an Autochrome photo at Braemar, the family estate where the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach sits today.
The La Jolla side of Mount Soledad can be seen beyond the colorful garden in this shot.
A replica of an Old English cottage.
Another view of the cottage, again looking north to Mount Soledad
You don't have to squint your eyes too tight to picture this area today, where the boardwalk passes
in front of the patio at the Catamaran. The Star Pine at the left may still stand on Pacific Beach Drive.

San Diego State 1968

5th & Market 1912

El Cajon Boulevard 1910

Hotel del Coronado 1935

Junipero Serra Museum Dedication 1929

Demolition of the Chollas Towers 1995

San Diego State, 1935

Three Views of Crown Point

Snow in San Diego, February 27, 2011

Two Views from Point Loma, 1932 and 2010

San Diego, 1876

Panorama Drive, 1947

Pacific Beach Chevron, 1946-2020

Crawford High School 1957-1961

Oscar's Drive-In, Pacific Beach circa 1955

Horton Plaza 1886

El Cajon 1895

Encanto circa 1955

47th & Federal, 1946

Del Mar Train Station, 1910

San Diego Mothball Fleet, 1950

Pacific Beach: 1925

Crystal Pier: 1946

Santa Fe Train Station: 1920

San Diego Streetcars: 1950


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