NEW TOWN, 1876. This shot looks southwest from 5th Avenue. Alonzo Horton's 5th Avenue Pier juts into the bay, and the familiar silhouette of Hotel del Coronado is absent. It hasn't been built yet. Signs for the two stores at the center of the photo say "Miss A. M. Tremaine, Fashionable Millinery" and "Fancy Goods and Millinery". At the far left a firm advertises "Paints and Oils" (San Diego Historical Society photo)

Panorama Drive, 1947

Pacific Beach Chevron, 1946-2020

Crawford High School 1957-1961

Oscar's Drive-In, Pacific Beach circa 1955

Horton Plaza 1886

El Cajon 1895

Encanto circa 1955

47th & Federal, 1946

Del Mar Train Station, 1910

San Diego Mothball Fleet, 1950

Pacific Beach: 1925

Crystal Pier: 1946

Santa Fe Train Station: 1920

San Diego Streetcars: 1950


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