THIS 1947 AERIAL STARTED OUT to be a Rozelle Mystery photo t. About 15 minutes after I posted it last Wednesday Bob Richardson emailed the news that it was Panorama Drive, north of Adams Avenue, in Normal Heights -- or is it City Heights -- wait, it could be University Heights. The homes haven't changed much, but -- fasten your seat belts -- that's the intersection of Highway 80 and Texas Street in Mission Valley at the upper left.

Pacific Beach Chevron, 1946-2020

Crawford High School 1957-1961

Oscar's Drive-In, Pacific Beach circa 1955

Horton Plaza 1886

El Cajon 1895

Encanto circa 1955

47th & Federal, 1946

Del Mar Train Station, 1910

San Diego Mothball Fleet, 1950

Pacific Beach: 1925

Crystal Pier: 1946

Santa Fe Train Station: 1920

San Diego Streetcars: 1950


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