Howard has written "Catholic University of San Diego and Womens College" on the border of this photo, which he took on January 12, 1958. I'm not sure what memories it might evoke for a Crawford grad.

Wow -– USD!! My fondest memories were the Good Time Dances at the gym. I recall Fairfield Steeleworks playing there. I was a surfer dude back then. Brings back memories of being jumped as I walked out of the boys’ bathroom. No doubt a group of roughnecks that didn't like surfers. We would park at Frances Parker High, get high on Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine with a beer chaser and walk on down to the gym along Friar's Road. Now, my partner Connie Umbarger and I do a lot of Real Estate work in the Bay Park area, just behind the university. A long journey since those days in the summer of 71 -- Tony Flores ’72

My father worked for Ninteman Construction Co., which built USD. They also built the Naval Amphibious Base in the 1940s, and did the refurbishing of Balboa Park in the 1960s. It's wonderful to be able to see some of the beauty my father left behind in San Diego! --
Linda Cotton Anderson ’61

From La Jolla to Mexico

Pacific Beach

Still a mystery

Casa de Oro

Loma Portal

Highway 80 at Baltimore

San Diego Yacht Club


Frontier Housing

B Street Pier and Lane Field


North La Mesa

Paradise Hills

San Diego Bay to the desert

East San Diego to Point Loma

Lemon Grove

Ocean Beach Pier

Sorrento Valley

East Pacific Beach

Solar Aircraft

Montgomery Field

La Jolla

Balboa Stadium

Amaya Drive

San Diego DMV


More Rancho Drive-In Aerials

San Diego All City Catholic Boys Concert

Lomita Village

Naval Training Center

San Diego/National City

Pacific Beach

San Diego Rowing Club

East San Diego

University City and Clairemont

I-15 Completion

Street & Sons Auto Wrecking

D & H Auto Service

Mystery Aerial

Lake Murray

Rancho Drive-In

Mrs. Conkling's Delivery Truck

Balboa Park

Mission Valley Center

East San Diego (and a lot more)

Blessed Sacrament Church

Balboa Stadium

32nd Street Mothball Fleet

Mission Valley Center West

Ferry Landing

Lindbergh Field

Allied Gardens

32nd Street Quonset Huts

Wabash & Highway 94

Westgate Park

Highway 101 & 80

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