A number of years back I might have opined regarding Brenda Hawes Wilson's belief that the aerial photo shown as "Terra Incognita" (see below) was Pershing Jr High (which I attended '67-'69). I knew that school shown on the right side of that Rozelle image couldn't have been Pershing mainly because in 1960, Pershing Jr High was 4 years away from existing. Nonetheless, I couldn't identify the area, so I figured I should shut up if I couldn't put up.  I saw that mystery photo again recently and I was determined to locate that neighborhood using Google Earth. I had an feeling it wasn't north of the 94, so I decided I would scan the South Bay regions of Chula Vista, National City, Logan Heights and Encanto starting at the Mexican border and go north. Within a few virtual passes over Chula Vista, I spotted a school that fit the footprint of the school in Rozelle's Aerial photo. It appears to be Greg Rogers Elementary on East Naples Street under construction. After enlarging your image and studying the layout of the neighborhood to the left of the school, I am 99.9% sure this aerial photo was a shot of the Easternmost Chula Vista community south of Telegraph Canyon. I'll let you be the judge -- Tim Arnold ’74 (June 24, 2016)

I got no clue on this Rozelle aerial Howard has written 10-27-60 on the back if that helps.

I believe this photo is the Lake Murray area, where I lived and went to school. Pershing Junior High School is on the right side of the picture and the road is 70th street before they paved it. It is also near my street Campus Dr. So if you look at it carefully you can see my house. It is in the middle of the picture. I can see the school and my house is about 3 blocks from there – Brenda Hawes Wilson ‘69

Lake Murray

Rancho Drive-In

Mrs. Conkling's Delivery Truck

Balboa Park

Mission Valley Center

East San Diego (and a lot more)

Blessed Sacrament Church

Balboa Stadium

32nd Street Mothball Fleet

Mission Valley Center West

Ferry Landing

Lindbergh Field

Allied Gardens

32nd Street Quonset Huts

Wabash & Highway 94

Westgate Park

Highway 101 & 80

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