Mrs. Conkling's Bakery truck is making a stop at the Rozelle home at 1275 Chalcedony Street in Pacific Beach.  That's Fanuel Street on the right looking north.  Howard Rozelle is checking out the goodies, while Florence looks over her shoulder at the photographer, who might just be the Conkling's deliveryman.  Florence's brother, on leave from the Army, pretends to stop traffic on the deserted streets.  The photo was taken in 1943.

WHO WAS HOWARD ROZELLE? Howard and Florence Rozelle moved to San Diego from Indiana during WWII and, amazingly, did not go to work for Convair. Howard worked as a Chevrolet mechanic during the week and frequently, on weekends, devoted himself to taking photos, often from the air. He was not allowed to take aerials during the war, but was back at it shortly after VJ Day. I met Howard, if memory serves, in 1978, shortly after he retired from Courtesy Chevrolet. The following year I “retired” from teaching at Morse High School and Howard and I co-founded the Pacific Beach Historical Society. We had a great time converting his photos into slide shows, which we featured at meetings of the society. Howard passed away at the age of 90 on July 4, 1991.

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