I found this photo of the Palisade Gardens Skating Rink in North Park on the Vintage San Diego Facebook Page while trying to locate information on the 1960 Pacific Beach photo. The good news about the internet is that you can find a lot of neat old photos. The bad news about the internet is that the name of the photographer or collector gets lost along the way.

Seeing the picture of Palisades Skating rink really brought back memories!!  I went there often with the man who became my husband, it was one of our date places!  I also remember skating there with my Girl Scout troop!! -- Judy Burnham Little ’64

My Aunt May was the ticket person at Palisade Gardens and I got in for free every week!  What a surprise when I saw the photo below.  I had forgotten all about my skating years -- Kim Beavers Shannon ’64

I went to Jefferson elementary school across the street from the Palisade Skating Rink.  Several times a year there would be a school skating party for us.  Once one of the teachers insisted that I was not old enough to be in the classes that were skating that day.  Being short can be a hinderance, but I finally found somebody who she would listen to and support me! -- Judy Horowitz Glenn ’67

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