The Helix Theater

Rendering by S Charles Lee (courtesy of Julie Eskew Daniel '64).

The Helix Theater, 1952

Top 40 Guru Dave Leonard came across this photo and thought you might enjoy it.

Thank you to Pamela Peters Campbell '61 for the street location of the old El Cajon Theater. It must have been replaced by new buildings near the East County Performing Arts Center. The other theater was the Helix, but I hadn't recognized it from the 1950s photo. When I Googled it I found it had been a Quonset-style building and that identified it for me. I remembered it had a curved concrete roof outside behind the facade front . Above is a picture I found online of the Helix Theater in the 1970s. which was how it looked when I was in high school. Run down, but had great prices! The La Mesa Springs shopping center is there now. Thanks for help with the trip down memory lane -- Melinda Peacock Reinicke '74

I'm pretty sure the first movie I saw at the Helix was Kon-Tiki, which came out in 1950 when the Helix was only a couple of years old. I may have seen War of the Worlds and House of Wax there too, both of which came out in 1953. The latter two were the scariest things I'd ever seen -- still are, for that matter -- Bob Richardson '61

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