Helicopter Sea Control Squadron Eight

HSC-8 "Eightballers"

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight's primary mission is to employ the versatility of the MH-60S helicopter to support the battle group commander's objectives, with emphasis on anti-surface warfare (ASUW), combat search and rescue (CSAR), support of special operations, and vertical replenishment (VERTREP). Secondary missions include anti-ship missile defense and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC). HSC-8 was established on September 28, 2007 and traces its lineage directly to Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Eight.

(Photos by Nancy Wingo)

Hangar 340, one of the two unique double-arched structures
constructed in 1941 to house blimps, is home to the Eightballers.
The Eightballers "Sierra" model MH-60s
still have that "New Helicopter" smell.
LTJG Jim Gormley, HSC-8 Public Affairs
Officer, was our genial host
Originally built for the Army, the Knighthawk's
rear wheel sits much further back than earlier
models, making carrier landings "interesting"
Squadron Skipper John Fry listens as Jim
explains the Sierra's capabilities
"The Sierra can also. . . "
The Eightballers signature "Chain"

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