Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268

HMM-268 "Red Dragons"

Photographs by Nancy Wingo
"Skip" Fry addresses the squadron
The Red Dragons hang on every word. Hold on, is that guy asleep?
Recent deployment plaques • Red Dragon CO LTCOL Brian Buxton, John Fry, CAPT Sean Breit-Rupe and Major Armando Espinoza
CAPT Breit-Rupe stands next to the Cas-Evac bell, which the squadron took with them on four deployments to Iraq. It is rung when the squadron is tasked to evacuate casualties in a hurry. Luckily it was not rung on the most recent deployment, which was spent mostly transporting VIPs.
Red Dragon "Phrogs" are reflected in a puddle remaining from a recent rainstorm

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