Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 166

HMM-166 "Sea Elk"

(Photos by Nancy Wingo)

Sea Elk Phrogs in the HMM-166 garage. They'll be going to sea in the near future.
The Sea Elk equipment room
Our host CAPT Chris
Boksanske and "The Skip"
The Sea Stallions out on the flightline will
join HMM-166 (REIN) when it deploys
as a composite squadron
Some Phrogs on the flight line will be replaced with MV-22 Ospreys before
the end of the year
This will be the Osprey Nest, at the west
end of the Miramar flightline
CAPT Chris Boksanske, CDR John Fry,
XO MAJ William Casler, and
CO LTCOL Chris Morton

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