Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169

HMLA-169 "Vipers"

"We hate each other -- but we hate you more"

The squadron's mission is to provide combat assault helicopter support and attack helicopter fire support and fire support coordination for aerial and ground forces during amphibious operations and subsequent operations ashore.

Photographs by Nancy Wingo
HMLA-169 Challenge Coins, my Visitor's Pass, and our Viper host CAPT Dan Caroffino
The Vipers' hangar looked a little bit like Brake Depot. Every stall was filled with a helicopter being refurbished after returning from Iraq. (above and below) John Fry talks about ANA to a group whose motto is "We hate ourselves, but we hate you more." A tough room, as Henny Youngman used to say. Of course they were great. In fact it was the first one of our squadron visits where a group stopped what they were doing to make us feel welcom.
WHERE'S WALDO? John Fry poses with a Den of Vipers. (Left - Right) Capt Holdstein, Capt Caroffino, Capt Strickler, 1stLt Cabarrus, 1stLt Bodden, Capt Tyler,1stLt Cravens, Capt Reep, Capt Thompson, Capt Benbow, Capt Myung, Capt Olsson.

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