Assult Craft Unit Five

ACU-5 "Swift Intruders"

(Photos by Nancy Wingo)

Assault Craft Unit Five operates LCACs built by Textron. LCAC stands for Landing Craft Air Cushion. Each of the hovercraft can carry an Abrahms tank, or a whole bunch of other stuff, at high speed on the water and up onto the beach.
I didn't exactly get to hear the lecture, but I
believe the propellers "propel" the Hovercraft
The swiveling stacks help steer the LCAC
Crewmaster Kiko Garcia swaps stories
with Joe Brecka and "Snuffy" Smith
OS1 Jason Alexander, OSCS David
Lessenberry and Sheryl Smith
Sheryl Smith, Kiko Garcia and Joe Brecka
Crewmaster Kiko Garcia
is in the driver's seat
Snuffy Smith rides shotgun
Joe Brecka gets the back seat
The Swift Intruders didn't say they wouldn't give me a ride to Catalina. They said it would be $12,500 per hour "and, oh by the way, there was that unfortunate accident where we lost an Abrahms tank in 60 feet of water.

Holding the ANA Banner are OS1 Jason Alexander, Joe Brecka,
Nancy Wingo, Sheryl Smith, Snuffy Smith, and GSMC Kiko Garcia.

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